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Dublin baby!

Well I am coming to the end of my first week down here in Dublin working for the Irish Star. Prepare for a recap of all that has happened!

The Journey - Don't Stop Believing!

The entire trip was an example of finely tuned military precision. I don't usually plan things to that level, as I usually prefer a "let's see what happens" approach. But I think an approach like that might have resulted in "how the hell did I end up in Derry?" reaction.

Got up very early on Monday morning, headed to the Union to print off my maps and travel plan (oh yes), bus to Europa station, queued behind some backpacker looking for a train ticket, on bus to Dublin, watched Star Trek, fell asleep and woke up in Dublin! Bus from O'Connell street to Rathgar and arrived at my B&B just as they were opening the reception. Oh yeah.

Work for the man (the man being Steve Jobs)

Real designers use Macs I have been told. I don't use Macs, so can I be a real designer? Yes dammit. Unfortunately, the Irish Star offices use Macs... very old Macs. Luckily the last time I used a Mac was 10 years ago and these ones are still using the same software! I have to admit though, it does work, all be it slowly. Pages get sent quickly from one side of the office to another, and at one point I was one of like five people working on a single page. It was class. However, the four PCs in the corner running Vista and InDesign also work, apparently they will be replacing the entire system before the end of the year.

Looking at bums

The Irish Star is kinda like the Daily Star except it is mostly about stuff that happens in Ireland, and has less bappage on display. They do like bums though! And I spent my first few days laying out columns, and most of the writers appeared to have a preoccupation with the Olympics volley ball players.

The Tabloid Design Process

It works like this:

1) The News Editors - they trawl through all the submitted articles, stories and picture pieces. They choose a few, assign them to a page and send it to..
2) The Layout People - they look at the stories, choose where to put them on the page and decide on the photographs. Most importantly, they layout the size of the headline and pictures compared to the story. This is a lot of power as they basically determine how much of the story is actually used by...
3) The Sub Editors - they look at the space assigned to the story and rip it apart until it fits. This is really different from the way we did it on the magazine, where it was all about fitting as much of the story in as possible. Anyway, next...
4) The "Mac" desk - they Photoshop the images so they look good, format the text properly and add all the little extra pieces like dates and page number. This does seem to involve rampant use of the clone stamp. Then it goes back to...
5) The News Editors - who either give it the green light or make them do it again!

The B&B (both of them)

The place I had been booked in to stay at looked really nice when I left my bags off. However, when I got back from work that night they told me that their electricity had cut out (or been cut off, who knows) but that they had arranged another place for me to stay. Fair enough I thought.

The other place, however, is a strange Thai Restaurant/Hotel/B&B/Bar place that doesn't know how to do any of these things. The food is nice but there are no customers, the room is a B&B room but has no tea & coffee making facilities (outrageous, Bill Bailey would be appalled) and it is a hotel that never has anyone at reception. Several times I have been locked in and had to escape through the restaurant.


Haven't seen much of it, was paranoid about missing a bus and being late for work. Next week I will head into town more often and possibly buy stuff. It is big and strange, and I want to go home. :p

So, that is that! Til next week!
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