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Dublin baby! [15 Aug 2008|01:28pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Well I am coming to the end of my first week down here in Dublin working for the Irish Star. Prepare for a recap of all that has happened!

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Q-Con Baby! [05 Aug 2008|08:29am]
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[26 Jul 2008|01:26am]
[ mood | tired ]

Figured I might as well update this as my computer is going to be at our LAN in the Union for the next two days with no internet. Stupid LAN, can't be arsed. I regret this agreeing to do stuff with other people business, I preferred the "let's run an event only when we can be arsed and will actually enjoy it" school of thought.

So what's going on now? Well I am working pretty much full time for the "commercial services" in the Students' Union - which basically involves being the only person in the building who knows how a computer works, and as such getting every job related to them. To be honest, I can't really complain, it's a relaxed place and I know everyone there.

Still working in PONG once or twice a week but I think I might knock it on the head again as when I work there it essentially means a 15 hour shift and I can do without them these days. The craic seems to be gone from the place these days anyway, which is a shame because for the first time I would say that everyone who works there is really good at their job - where as before there was always at least one waster.

Going to Dublin for 2 weeks in August to do my work placement with the Irish Star design team. Really looking forward to it, as I haven't been able to do much cool layout-y stuff since the last issue of the magazine. I've been doing bits and pieces for people, but it's the playing around with articles that I really enjoy. I will get some good experience from it and hopefully it will help me get a proper job up here.

ALso, they are putting me up in a fancy 4* Guest House! Will be going to Infest the day after I get back from Dublin. Interesting. :p

The big thing of late is the quitting smoking, it's been 2 weeks.

Good - Lots of money
Bad - CIgarettes are awesome
Good - Nictotine patch induced dreams
Bad - Nictotine patch induced nightmares and associated hangovers

tl;dr - Working in Union, might be leaving PONG, going to Dublin for 2 weeks, going to Infest, trying to quit smoking.

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[08 Jan 2008|08:54am]
[ mood | cold ]

It is cold. 

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[22 Nov 2007|06:06pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

Dragonslayers will be hosting another one of our popular 24 hour games events in just over two weeks. Here's what you need to know:

  • When? 12 Noon Saturday 8th December - 12 Noon Sunday 9th December
  • Where? QUB Students' Union, Second Floor, Snack Bar (Now with heat)
  • What's Happening? Console Gaming, PC LAN, Tabletop Games - competitions, tournaments & prizes!
  • How much? £5 General Admission, £10 with a PC
  • Anything else? There will be a tuck shop selling essential supplies, such as hot drinks and sweets.
Check out the Slayers24 page for more info.

Slayers24 will include a Bring & Buy Sale!
This all-nighter will be special, as between the hours of 12pm and 8pm on the Saturday, Dragonslayers will be hosting a Bring & Buy Sale. If you have anything you are looking to get rid of, such as old games, DVDs or books then bring it along and try to flog it! All proceeds go to the people who bring the stuff. :)

It should be noted that the QUB Science Fiction & Fantasy Society will be selling off their extensive library of over 600 books, DVDs, videos and games. The Dragonslayers will also be selling what remains of our library. So there will be a treasure horde of stuff to buy!

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[08 Oct 2007|01:03am]
super geek

42.52071% Geek
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[07 Sep 2007|12:54pm]
I used to do nothing with my life.

Now it's entirely possible that I do too much!
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[02 Sep 2007|05:54pm]

NerdTests.com says I'm a Highly Dorky Nerd King.  What are you?  Click here!
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[25 Aug 2007|12:14am]
It is too bloody warm.

In other news, I suck.
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[02 Aug 2007|12:32am]
Well Andrew and I just rearranged all the furniture in our living room after watching some show about building. Andrew was less than enthusiastic at first, but I think I turned him around to my way of thinking. We have made the best use of the space.

This also explains why we now have a bookcase in our bathroom.
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[22 Jul 2007|04:19pm]
Tidied my room today, found a random tenner inside some paper!
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[05 Jul 2007|09:03pm]
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The way back from Tesco, or Manhunt 2? [01 Jul 2007|04:06pm]
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[23 Jun 2007|07:40am]
Trapped in Students' Union... send coffee!
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It's all coming together! [18 Jun 2007|05:39pm]
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[03 May 2007|04:45pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Guess who just got a paid scholarship to do research this summer! :D

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[09 Apr 2007|09:36pm]
Spent most of today being sick and lying in bed with a temperature. Lots of fun! My muscles all ache and I think I am hungry, eventhough the thought of food makes me want to vomit. Nice way to spend my Easter Monday.

On the bright side a group of us are going to PONG tomorrow eveing for free. At the moment I have two free spaces, if you post here that you fancy going I will see what can be done. There will be games at our house beforehand and after. Then you all get to see me go to bed early because I am opening up at work tomorrow morning.
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[09 Apr 2007|12:43am]
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[01 Apr 2007|10:47pm]
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[31 Mar 2007|08:34pm]
Interesting night last night; wore a suit, ate some awesome free food, watched a funny impressionist and saw an OAP Scottish computer programmer play Wii Sports.

Lots of exciting developments last night, makes me somewhat sad that I won't be involved as much to see what could happen in a year or so. But still, I am making more responsible decisions these days.
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